Gothic Americana Music



Once upon one past November,
I remember it quite well
I walked four weeks with no relief
My gypsy blood had cast its spell

Nowhere in mind to ramble,
I trudged on with shoes of lead
Til there came a town for settling down
With a hex heavy on my head

A light was shining dimly
O’er one house with room for rent
The family was eyeing me
Just to suss out my intent

Small towns don’t take to strangers,
Yet I settled, just the same
With charm and style, they were beguiled
‘Til they all knew me by name

This town was beckoning
I bring the reckoning
With hallelujahs raised
I bring the end of days
The branches bend and break
You’ll hang for past mistakes
The preachers could not see
This mark of devilry

The winds were blowing bitter,
I found no rest when alone
Oh, what I craved was so depraved
It rotted at my bones

No God knew of the devils
That would guide my able hands
And in the end, who knew, my friend
I’d be in high demand?


The Devil will tell you
The Lord won’t help you
Last rites won’t save you
I cannot spare you
I cannot stop…stop!


I am the reckoning
I am the reckoning…

With hallelujahs raised,
I bring the end of days!