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New “Black Hawk” Video Shows Gothic Influences

Gothic influences

Filmed during their inaugural 2023 Summer UK Tour, the Heathen Apostles’ video for “Black Hawk” serves as a closing chapter of sorts for the band’s Bloodgrass Vol. 3&4 release in anticipation of their forthcoming album The In Between. Showing their Gothic influences by using the stark solitude of the thirteenth century St. Bartholomew’s Church in Shapwick, the video offers a visual complement to the moodiness of the introspective track with the Heathen men in their signature spectral mourning garb and Mather paying homage to the song’s transformational themes through the use of moth wings. 

Heathen Apostles Gothic influencesSpeaking upon the song itself, singer Mather Louth states, “Black Hawk is by far one of the most personal songs I have written to date. While I prefer to leave specific interpretation up to the listener, I will say that the lyrics speak to offering yourself grace through the sometimes challenging process of growth and metamorphosis. The song is sort of an incantation and a personal hymn, and so, it seemed appropriate to perform it within the hushed calm of an ancient house of worship.”

Special thanks to Nathan Demsden for assistance with filming, and to Hawkeye Houlihan for location scouting and filming arrangements.


(Mather Louth / Chopper Franklin)

I ran from the loss
I ran from the grief
I ran from the dark
That called from the deep
Leviathan beckoned
I fled from the shore
Spent all those years running
I can’t run no more

I do believe I’ll be taking my time
Already grieved for what’s no longer mine
Granted reprieve from what no longer aligns
Walking the line and trusting the signs for
The timing’s divine

The years I kept struggling
Inside of my head
My feet kept on running
Inside I was dead
I welcomed my shadow
Embraced with a kiss
My sister of midnight
No longer submiss

Peeling back layers
And honoring scars
Shining a light
On the depths of my heart
I tend to the fractures
And fill them with gold
Imperfect perfection
A new leaf unfolds


How many days lost to anger and shame
How many nights holding myself to blame
How many links till I’m breaking the chain
Piece by piece and link by link

How many years did I make myself small
How many tears did I have to watch fall
How many swings til I’m breaking the wall
Brick by brick and swing by swing

Horror Americana Music Video “Deadly Nightshade”

Horror Americana Music - Heathen ApostlesSurprisingly it’s been 5 years since the debut of the Heathen Apostles’ horror Americana music video “Deadly Nightshade”. The band commemorated the occasion with this post: “This week in 2019 we released “Deadly Nightshade”, the music video we get asked the most about. It was conceived and directed by our good friend Jorge Jaramillo (@lordbinah), here’s what he and Mather Louth had to say about it:
“Inspired by classic horror movies and German expressionism, the main goal was to not romanticize an old style, but rather to bring it to something that could still be dark, creepy and beautiful.” (Jorge)
“I’ve always felt very strongly about “Deadly Nightshade” being incredibly cinematic in nature, and it was always clear to me that Jorge would be the perfect director for the song. His work is thought-provoking, filled with symbolism and horrifically disturbing creatures, and he is a true visionary and original.

Horror Americana Music - Heathen Apostles

The video also served as a fun exploration for me to portray both predator and prey, and I particularly enjoyed finding the physicality and mannerisms of the witch’s character. There is something quite freeing about playing a character that is so wholly repulsive and ugly, especially in today’s overly filtered and appearance-obsessed culture.” (Mather)

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Heathen Apostles 2024 Follow Up to Southern Gothic UK Tour

The Heathen Apostles (Mather Louth, Chopper Franklin, Thomas Lorioux and Luis Mascaro) have just announced the final dates for their 2024 UK Tour, it is the follow up to their Southern Gothic UK Tour of 2023. Here is the social media release they have posted today:

Here is the poster announcing the dates for our 2024 UK tour; some venues we played last year, as well as several new ones. We’ve also been fortunate to be invited to some great festivals this year as well: three nights at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival @edfringe, two days at Dorset’s Camp Bestival @campbestival, the Endorset in Dorset Festival @endorsetfestivalofficial and our last show of the tour at a festival that has yet to announce their line up.

Thanks to our booking agent Dana McDonald Oxaal for putting this together, and to Hawkeye Houlihan for assisting us in many ways that only he can. And to all the Heathens who have shown up to the shows, no matter what the weather and conditions; we can’t wait to see you all! Also a shout to Vince Ray for the awesome poster artwork; you can also get this design on a T shirt at our merch booth!”

Southern Gothic UK

Heathen Apostles 2024 UK Tour Dates

Wed. 17 July Reading, The Face Bar 

Thu. 18 July London, The Lexington

Fri. 19 July  Canterbury, The Anchor Inn

Sat. 20 July Norwich, The Reindeer  

Sun. 21 July Brighton, The Hope and Ruin

Tue. 23 July Hastings, The Jenny Lind     

Wed. 24 July Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms

Thu. 25 July Bournemouth, The Bear Cave

Fri. 26  July Frome, The Tree House

Sat. 27  July Lulworth, Dorset, Camp Bestival

Sun. 28 July Lulworth, Dorset, Camp Bestival

Wed. 31 July Bridgwater, Cobblestones

Thur. 1 Aug. Dorchester, Endorset Festival

Fri. 2 Aug. Birmingham, The Victoria

Sat. 3 Aug. Manchester, Castle Hotel

Mon. 5 Aug. Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms, Fringe Festival

Tue. 6 Aug. Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms, Fringe Festival

Wed. 7 Aug. Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms, Fringe Festival

Thu. 8 Aug. Glasgow, McChuills

Fri. 9 Aug. Newcastle, Cluny 2 

Sat. 10 Aug. Festival (Not Yet Announced)

Heathen Apostles Southern Gothic UK Tour

Heathen Apostles – Among Musical Acts at Fringe Festival

Heathen Apostles Among Musical Acts at Fringe FestivalToday’s UK tour announcement is a unique one; we’ll be doing a three day residency (August 5th – 7th) at Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival. Unique in that most performers during the 25 day festival are usually actors, dancers and comedians (among others); we are very pleased to be among the few musical acts at Fringe Festival. Many thanks to our agent Dana McDonald Oxaal for arranging this.
We’ll be performing at Voodoo Rooms, tickets go on sale at midday UK GMT on 7 March, hope to see you there:

Mon 5th 8.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Tues 6th 10.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Wed 7th 10.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Here is some history of the Fringe Festival:
The Fringe started life when eight theatre companies turned up uninvited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival in 1947. With the International Festival using the city’s major venues, these companies took over smaller, alternative venues for their productions. Seven performed in Edinburgh, and one undertook a version of the medieval morality play “Everyman” in Dunfermline Abbey, about 20 miles north, across the River Forth in Fife. These groups aimed to take advantage of the large assembled theatre crowds to showcase their own alternative theatre. Although at the time it was not recognised as such, this was the first Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
This meant that two defining features of the future Fringe were established at the very beginning – the lack of official invitations to perform and the use of unconventional venues. Originally, these groups referred to themselves as the “Festival Adjuncts” and were also referred to as the “semi-official” festival. It was not until the following year, 1948, that Robert Kemp, a Scottish playwright and journalist, is credited with coining the title “Fringe” when he wrote during the second Edinburgh International Festival:
“Round the fringe of official Festival drama, there seems to be more private enterprise than before … I am afraid some of us are not going to be at home during the evenings!”

Heathen Apostles - Among Musical Acts at Fringe Festival

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2024 Heathen Apostles UK Tour – 1st Announcements

Today the announcements begin for the dates for the 2024 Heathen Apostles UK tour; the band was asked back to many of the venues they played last year, as well as several new ones. We also have a very special festival announcement upcoming, so stay tuned! Here are the postings as they were made, along with the tour poster:

Our first show of the 2024 Heathen Apostles UK tour is on Wednesday, 17 July at the Facebar in Reading, we played there last year and as you can tell by the moody photos (by Andrew Merrit) it was quite a dark and mysterious night. This is a great night to start the tour, let us know who is going! HERE is the ticket link, (we’ve been told they are moving rather briskly already). 

2024 Heathen Apostles UK Tour It is our pleasure to announce we will be returning to London at The Lexington on Thursday, 18 July. Also appearing is @messagefromtheravens, this is going to be quite a night, see you there!
From a review of last year’s Lexington show: “As if plucked from a surreal spaghetti western, Mather Louth and Chopper Franklin made quite the spectacle, striding down London’s Pentonville Road in full regalia… The Heathen Apostles had etched themselves into our dark hearts, ensuring their spectral melodies and mystical storytelling would stay with us long after the last note had faded into the night.”
Ticket link HERE

2024 Heathen Apostles UK Tour On 21 July we’ll be back in Brighton, but this time around we’ll be appearing at the Hope & Ruin, a grassroots music venue and pub that strives to support the independent live music scene in Brighton. All of their bar products are plant based to compliment the offerings from Beelzebab who provide fast food from a caravan in the corner of the pub.

We are very happy to announce our return on 24 July to Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. It is a top notch venue and we were well taken care of last time by Ken Brown and Square Roots Promotions. The event sold out last year so grab your tickets while you can HERE.

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