Gothic Americana Music



Tell me, what lies in the forest
While the little ones are sleeping
Oh lord, does this heart dare to learn
All the secrets it’s been keeping?

Now I’ve heard tales of many murders
Still the truth remains uncovered
Were the pine trees weaned on the blood
Shed by some unfaithful lover?

Does the willow bend to the ground
Weeping for the horrors it has seen?
Do the flowers sprout in the dirt
That failed to cover over deeds unclean?

How strong is the ache in my heart
The death tears our households apart
How long shall we suffer this curse?
When life took a turn for the worse…

Think of all my little children might learn
Should ever they decide to ask the crows
And what of the robins and bees?
I beg them not to share the things they know

Wake now children, wake your sleepy heads
Heed as best you can your mother’s words
For there are things you can’t understand
And won’t be better off to ask the birds

I beg you children, never wander
And find yourselves amidst those tall pines
For night will come and you won’t return
Then I am surely doomed to lose my mind


We have already lost our only sense of peace
We are but little lambs slain for the Devil’s feast
What sins did we not cleanse that claimed the price of blood?
I fear there yet are bones still buried in the mud…