Gothic Americana Music



Nine years ago, just shy a day
Cruel fate conspired to turn my way
Two raven eyes transfixed on me
The final sight I’d ever see

My girlish years were sheltered so
Of vice and sin I did not know
And, of love I yearned just for a taste
That proved to be my last mistake

I was beguiled and led astray
Fooled by the lies and the promises he made
Threw me down where the well ran deep
Til the last of my breath had been released in vain

(Ne’er did I see
His plans For me
Oh, curse The day
He came My way)

I took my mirror to the well
To learn the secrets it could tell
The glass revealed my future groom
Framed by the shape of dogwood blooms

So came the day I had foreseen
By dogwood trees he came to me
And as the blooms would all unfold
Love took me in its stranglehold


Cold was the night
Cold was the ground
Cold were the hands that held me down

Cold was the wind
Cold was the dell
Cold were the lips that bid farewell

Now I lay where no flowers grow
Never to rest where the flowers grow
Lost to the depths of the well below

dark roots music