Gothic Americana Music



They call me rotten and depraved
Don’t travel lightly as I walk across your grave
Was never looking to be saved
I’m sure to take tenfold of whatever I gave

Death and destruction’s what I crave
No interventions or hosannas sought to stave
The path before me a blank page
Forgive them Father for the way that they behave

Don’t knock twice or I’ll nail you to the floor
I’ve been down this crooked road before
Shadows creeping further down the bend
Best hope you not run into me again

I sell my friends out and betray
Show me the dollar signs and parcel out my pay
My bad behavior on display
So many suckers, so few hours in the day

Got no capacity for shame
Offer your sympathy and I’ll call you fair game
Race to the bottom is my aim
Darken my door and you’ll regret the day you came


On the fourth day I came down from the mountain
With my staff and with my sword
Those that walked on either two or four
All came to me of their own accord
And as it rained down in heavenly ashes
I felt the whole earth standing still
A collective catching of one’s breath
Laying witness to a ceremonial kill
The very violence known only to nature
Seemed to course through my throbbing veins
As they stood before me in the stupor of wonderment
From my lips came forth a refrain:
“All that you touch, all that you see, all that begins and ends is me”

outlaw country goth music - SHADOW OF THE CROWS