Gothic Americana Music


(lyrics by Chopper Franklin)

Ever see a scarecrow? Ever see him die?
It’s about time for gettin’ eye for an eye

Scarecrow lives in that old haunted house
Bet your bottom dollar that we’re gonna get him out

Got the whole town in a mood to kill
Shouldn’t of give a little girl a daffodil
Little butcher boy saying “Where will he die?”
Never you mind, never you mind, never mind…

Scarecrow walks, scaring ladies on the street
Little girl tried to give him sugar ’til he’s sweet

Roving gypsy found the girl and took her gold
Then he dropped the hammer, left her lying in the road


Pitchforks come, gonna see him to his grave
It takes a little fire for a scarecrow to behave

City caught fire, people fleeing from the flames
City burnt down, but they sure did make him pay

“Let it be said
The road to forgiveness leads through revenge
The road to forgiveness leads through revenge
The only way to forgive a man
Is to kill him”

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