Gothic Americana Music



Last night the world was lost in flames
Our paradise now but a name
The burial of memories,
In blackened earth and skeleton trees
Tell me, is this thy will be done?

Here lies the field where grey pines grew
So well their shade my family knew
And just beyond, no longer there
The roses for which my good wife cared
Tell me, how can I turn my cheek?

Our house built with these two hands
Only the brick foundation stands
I wander through the charred remains
And wonder how we were to blame
Tell me, how have we done you wrong?

Last might the smoke snuffed out my dreams
I did not hear my little girls screams
We barely made it out alive
But only I was to survive
Tell me, did they offend thine eyes?

But I’ve been burnt down before
Left on the killing floor
But my bloodline has been crossed
And my Paradise is lost

dark roots music