Gothic Americana Music



Oh, little girl with eyes of green
I’m new to town, please pardon me
My heart is cold and my bones are tired
Come let me lay my feet by your fire

Mama said that you’re an old man
With wicked thoughts and idle hands
I wasn’t raised for men like you
A rambler’s days are never through

Your mama ain’t got her facts straight
My two hands are my finest traits
Just look at me in Sunday best
There’s more to me than you have guessed

What’s your name? (Maylene)
What’s your age? (Fourteen)
Where’s your ma? (Not home)
Are you afraid? (Hell no!)
Well, let me in (You best be headin’)
‘Cause I won’t bite (Down the road)

Don’t trust your ma (‘Cause I won’t let in)
To know what’s right (Who I don’t know)

Townfolk say you’re the type of guy
Who seeks out gals with the devil’s eyes

You stay out late like there’s no sun
And don’t feel sad for what you’ve done

Your townfolk talk a load of tripe
When warning you about “my type”

No girl like you have these eyes seen
Don’t torture me, oh sweet Maylene

Well I suppose you’ve pled your case
I see no evil on your face

I’ll let you in if you can vow
These things I’ve heard are lies somehow

Maylene (Ma keeps)
Eyes of green (Me at home)
Sweetest face (Says she’ll weep)
I’ve ever seen (If I go)
Well let me in (But I won’t listen)
‘Cause I won’t bite (‘Cause if I do)
Don’t trust your ma (There’ll never be)
To know what’s right (A me and you)

I’ve seen your face somewhere, it’s strange
I cannot place from where you came
No matter how I came here now,
Just shut your mouth and come here now
Just come here now…
Just come here now…
Just get here now…

Guess I’ll be just passing through
My job is done, not much to do
She’ll never live to see fifteen
No, not this girl, my sweet Maylene

After I'm Gone