Gothic Americana Music



Wind is passing through the gallows
It’s a fine day to meet your fate
Hang ‘em high and bury shallow
Evil’s in the blood, they say

As he sits in solitary
Knuckles tattooed “love” and “hate”
Justice always made him wary
Pardons always come too late

Hear that stormin’
Rolling in the trees
Fire in the mountains
Whispers on the breeze
Fate will always find you
Far as the eye can see
A single spark can set
Lightning to the family tree

On his face, there’s no expression
Even as a lynching looms
No remorse and no confession
Guilt as sure as the lily blooms

Hell awaits him on the morrow
Bones will crumble into clay
When you live on time that’s borrowed
Take your breaths in a different way


The water will rise
As truth finds its level
Each roll of the dice
A dance with the devil

Blood will call blood
The scales will be balanced
You’ll call down the floods
Your fate will be challenged

The sins of this life
Will forever follow
For each ounce of strife
One more pound of sorrow

The great lake of fire
Awaits your arrival
The outcome is dire
There is no survival

After I'm Gone









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