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Horror Americana Music Video “Deadly Nightshade”

Horror Americana Music - Heathen ApostlesSurprisingly it’s been 5 years since the debut of the Heathen Apostles’ horror Americana music video “Deadly Nightshade”. The band commemorated the occasion with this post: “This week in 2019 we released “Deadly Nightshade”, the music video we get asked the most about. It was conceived and directed by our good friend Jorge Jaramillo (@lordbinah), here’s what he and Mather Louth had to say about it:
“Inspired by classic horror movies and German expressionism, the main goal was to not romanticize an old style, but rather to bring it to something that could still be dark, creepy and beautiful.” (Jorge)
“I’ve always felt very strongly about “Deadly Nightshade” being incredibly cinematic in nature, and it was always clear to me that Jorge would be the perfect director for the song. His work is thought-provoking, filled with symbolism and horrifically disturbing creatures, and he is a true visionary and original.

Horror Americana Music - Heathen Apostles

The video also served as a fun exploration for me to portray both predator and prey, and I particularly enjoyed finding the physicality and mannerisms of the witch’s character. There is something quite freeing about playing a character that is so wholly repulsive and ugly, especially in today’s overly filtered and appearance-obsessed culture.” (Mather)

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