Gothic Americana Music



I was born with the devil in me
In the bowels of the Granite State
Some said I was ahead of my time,
But I felt I was running late

Well you’ve heard about Jack the Ripper
Well he ain’t got shit on me
While he got that ball a-rolling,
I was building my legacy

Michigan proved a learning
In how cadavers could give a thrill
With a scheme to profit off them,
I awoke my thirst to kill

Money really started flowing
Cashing in those insurance claims
And before they could see me coming
It was Holmes I then became

In this Castle I am king
Murder paid for everything
All the stories in these walls
Watch as this White City falls

Chicago marked a new chapter
In the fruition of my plans
I took a job at a pharmacy
After becoming a married man

Still my god, I charmed the ladies
And they’d all meet grisly ends
Recall that little daughter Pearl?
Well you sure never saw her again

Killing became an addiction
And I was always in need of a fix
I sold my victims back to science
But that didn’t quite do the trick

So I drew the Devil’s blueprints,
Built a labyrinthine lair,
Opened my doors for business

dark roots music