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Heathen Apostles – Among Musical Acts at Fringe Festival

Heathen Apostles Among Musical Acts at Fringe FestivalToday’s UK tour announcement is a unique one; we’ll be doing a three day residency (August 5th – 7th) at Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival. Unique in that most performers during the 25 day festival are usually actors, dancers and comedians (among others); we are very pleased to be among the few musical acts at Fringe Festival. Many thanks to our agent Dana McDonald Oxaal for arranging this.
We’ll be performing at Voodoo Rooms, tickets go on sale at midday UK GMT on 7 March, hope to see you there:

Mon 5th 8.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Tues 6th 10.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Wed 7th 10.30pm: Get tickets HERE

Here is some history of the Fringe Festival:
The Fringe started life when eight theatre companies turned up uninvited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival in 1947. With the International Festival using the city’s major venues, these companies took over smaller, alternative venues for their productions. Seven performed in Edinburgh, and one undertook a version of the medieval morality play “Everyman” in Dunfermline Abbey, about 20 miles north, across the River Forth in Fife. These groups aimed to take advantage of the large assembled theatre crowds to showcase their own alternative theatre. Although at the time it was not recognised as such, this was the first Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
This meant that two defining features of the future Fringe were established at the very beginning – the lack of official invitations to perform and the use of unconventional venues. Originally, these groups referred to themselves as the “Festival Adjuncts” and were also referred to as the “semi-official” festival. It was not until the following year, 1948, that Robert Kemp, a Scottish playwright and journalist, is credited with coining the title “Fringe” when he wrote during the second Edinburgh International Festival:
“Round the fringe of official Festival drama, there seems to be more private enterprise than before … I am afraid some of us are not going to be at home during the evenings!”

Heathen Apostles - Among Musical Acts at Fringe Festival

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