Gothic Americana Music



Men call me Fever Jane
No one else dares compete
I live up to my name
If your craving is sweet, oh yeah

I’ve been selling my heart
To the man with the highest bid
He’ll name me a part
And watch me get on with it, oh yeah

So draw back the curtain
And let’s get on with the show…

Lay low my head
I’ll dream I’m home
No worn-out beds
No strangers’ bones

Men seek out my time
And they’ll fight for their turn
‘Cause they’ve been touched with my fever
And now they’re craving the burn, oh yeah

Still I’ve been searching so long
For the one that got away
Every man just feels wrong
I’ll try a new one today, oh yeah

So let loose your burdens
And honey, give me a go…

In all my years
I’ve found no peace
No sign of love
And no release

I’ve been feeling far too old
For a girl of my age
Every time that I’m sold
Another line on my face, oh yeah

So I’ll keep climbing stairs
‘Cause it’s all I can do
With every love affair
I’ll find my way back to you, oh yeah

Of this I am certain
It’s all the truth that I know…

And in the end
I will burn down
Just like the stars
Over this town
But he’ll bring peace
In my last days, yeah
He’ll come to me
And I’ll be safe