Gothic Americana Music



Days of sifting through the rubble
Oh lord, I’ve drowned in trouble
An ocean of misfortunes I must keep
Left alone to ever wallow
With tears I could not swallow
I long to trade the bitter for the sweet

Nights of wailing out for Mary
Oh lord, my arms can’t carry
The burdens ever gather at my door
Shame for sins I cannot bury
A life in solitary
The years will find me roaming evermore

Days pass by me like an arrow
Oh lord, my hope is narrow
The path before my feet forever bleak
Born to ever die in sorrow
No light found in tomorrow
No answers for the questions that I seek

Nights pass by without a warning
Oh lord, my heart is mourning
The stillness of its silence brings no peace
Tides weigh down on me so heavy
The flood breaks past the levee
Yet never does my pain find its release

Oh, so long the night that finds no sleep
Oh, no end in sight for troubles deep
Oh, take this burden from me…