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I shall not be the silent one
Dutiful wife to no one
I’ve shed my blood one time before
And still of me, you demand more

The many times you wished me dead
Or hoped I’d disappear instead
Don’t dare ask me to step aside
So you can take another bride

The stone is cast, the line is drawn
Your legacy will not last long
With bloody hands, I shall make clean
Any traces of your legacy

I carried you through every fire
And brought you all that you desired
What reward for my loyalty?
You called our vows a forgery

I will not turn my gaze away
From all the harm you’ve sent my way
Beware the debt you cannot pay
The sun still burns within my veins

With sharpened blade and poisoned crown
Your family tree, I strike it down
With bloody hands, I shall undo
Any graces I bestowed on you

You will come,
Come to know
You will reap
What you’ve sown
Let it be
Loud and clear
I will be
The one to fear

After I'm Gone









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