Gothic Americana Music


(lyrics by Chopper Franklin)

Peace out – War in
Take the word of a K Street has been
Big P, little O
Got down and forgot what you came for

Gold in, Black Hills
Trouble is that it’s not for sale
Goddamn, gee whiz
Is that what honor is?

R – you ready for the feast?
I – got a belly full of beast
P – like the guts in a pail
Got a smoke for the hole and a coffin for the nail

Your shame, straight from the mouth
So proud but your tongue’s stickin’ out
Gotcha paid like any other day
But the people are about to go crazy

Strict Daddy, where ya been?
How long ‘til the fire burns in
Tell me, Daddy, where will we go
When the fire glows?
Good god, straight from madness
Comin’ ‘round, lickin’ on sadness
Hate pigs, tryin’ their damnedest
Trickle down, but it’s always so late
Crowd so bound, always fallin’ for hate


After I'm Gone







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