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More Stills From The “Death’s Head” Video Shoot

More production stills have emerged from the Death’s Head music video shoot, this time they were shot on location by Lee Sterling. Both the Death’s Head single and video are out now on Ratchet Blade Records, you can preview and buy the single HERE, and you can watch the video HERE.

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Great Review of the “Death’s Head” Video

Death's Head Cover FINAL 600A review of the new Heathen Apostles’ video for Death’s Head has been released on the Russian music blog ViolaNoir. Here is the English translation:

  A new music video and single has been released by probably the most prominent representatives of Gothic Americana at the moment  – the Heathen Apostles. In Death’s Head there is everything for their audience: a  blues mood, the occult, voodoo, a blatant and magnificent Gothic vibe and the powerful voice of Mather Louth.
  The video and single were released in conjunction with Friday the 13th, and it was also the day before Valentine’s Day, and the connection is not lost. Death’s Head tells the story of love, turning into hate, then hate turning into love, and it’s a tale of a stolen heart and also that sometimes even death do us part. The Heathen Apostles again create a stunning painting, visually there is nothing superfluous; the atmosphere and mood of the song go back and forth, even in the smallest details. Definitely one of the best videos lately.

Read the review (in Russian) HERE.

Watch the Death’s Head video HERE.

Heathen Apostles’ “Death’s Head” Single and Video Are Live

The new Heathen Apostles Death’s Head music video is live, it was directed by the band and Lawrence Drayton, check it out and help support the band by clicking HERE to preview and buy the song on iTunes and HERE to get it on Amazon::

Editing Has Begun on “Death’s Head” Video

The Heathen Apostles have begun editing the music video for the upcoming Death’s Head video. Here’s a peak at the process, the single and video will be released on Friday the 13th of February on Ratchet Blade Records.

Death's Head editing

“Death’s Head” Teaser Promo Video Is Live

Hot off the presses, the new 45 second teaser promo for the upcoming Death’s Head single, it’ll be out Friday the 13th of February on Ratchet BladeRecords, the band resumes shooting the full length music video this weekend.

Shoot For “Death’s Head’ Teaser Video Wrapped

Happy New Year all, the band has just wrapped shooting for the teaser video for the next single Death’s Head, scheduled for release Friday the 13th of February. The 30 second short will now be edited and released in the next week or so, and the full length music video shoot, rescheduled due to flash flooding in the Southern California area, will commence shooting this weekend in Lancaster, California. Below is a still of Mather from the shoot.

Mather Teaser Photo

Merry Xmas From The Heathen Apostles

Merry Xmas from the Heathen Apostles! Here’s our favorite black Xmas Eve song, “Dark Was The Night” directed by the wonderful Victoria Vengeance with Gris Grimly, starring George Anderson, Mike Odd, Frankie Sin, Nickie Jean, Kelly Hitman, Jamie Watkins and Timbo Gruse (Speed Buggy). Be sure and catch our next show on Saturday January 24th at Cafe NELA with the Groovy Rednecks, Red Roses and Rick Lawndale, we’re on at midnight. For more info click HERE.

Heathen Apostles’ “Death’s Head” Video Sneak Peek

A photo has been posted on the Heathen Apostles’ Instagram page with a sneak peek of the headdress from the upcoming Death’s Head video. The band will be shooting on location with Larry Drayton (aka Raven’s Laughter) and they are shooting for a February 2015 release. You can visit the band’s Instagram page by clicking HERE.

Death's Head headdress

Heathen Apostles’ “Before You Go” Video Goes Live

The first Heathen Apostles video from the Without A Trace EP has gone live. The song is Before You Go and the video was directed by Billy Clift, who also did the promo video for the Heathen Apostles’ 2013 album Boot Hill Hymnal.

Final Editing on ‘Before You Go’ Video

Billy Clift has begun final editing on the Heathen Apostles’ video for their ballad Before You Go. It will be the first video from their latest release, the Without A Trace EP. Click HERE to preview it. Here are some production shots Billy has sent over.

Mather Band

“Before You Go” Video Shoot Wrapped

The band has wrapped the Before You Go video shoot with director Billy Clift, here is a still from the set, expect more shots and a release date soon.

Before You Go video still

Video Shoot For “Before You Go” In Pre-Production

The Heathen Apostles are in pre-production for Before You Go, the debut video from the Without A Trace EP. Directing the video will be Billy Clift, who has previously worked with the band on a promo video for their previous release, 2013’s Boot Hill Hymal. You can see more of Billy’s work HERE. The video should be ready for a Summer debut.
Boot Hill Hymnal Promo Video

More BTS Shots From Dark Was The Night Video Shoot

More behind-the-scenes photos have been added to the Dark Was the Night Gallery, click HERE to view. A new, enhanced audio version of the video has been released, click HERE to watch.



Heathen Apostles Relaunch Dark Was The Night Video

The Heathen Apostles have relaunched their video for Dark Was The Night with enhanced audio. Dark Was The Night is the second video from the Heathen Apostles debut album ‘Boot Hill Hymnal’ on Ratchet Blade Records.

Heathen Apostles’ “Dark Was The Night” Video Debuts

The Dark Was The Night video has gone live! It is the second video from the Boot Hill Hymnal and was directed by Victoria and features a great cast consisting of David Backhaus, Kelly DeVoto, D.W. Frydendall, Timbo Gruse, Nickie Jean, Mike Odd, Georges-Robert, Frankie Sin and Jamie Watkins. Check it out and comment on Youtube.


“Red Brick Dust” Promo Video Debut

The promo video for Boot Hill Hymnal has debuted tonight, it was directed by Billy Clift and features Mather and Chopper along with the newest members of the Heathen Apostles Luis Mascaro and Stevyn Grey.

“Dark Was The Night” Video in Pre-Production

The Heathen Apostles are preparing to enter pre-production for the second video from their upcoming album (due Summer 2013 on Ratchet Blade Records). Directing the video will be Victoria Vengeance from a storyline she created.

Victoria Vengeance and husband filmmaker Gris Grimly

Victoria Vengeance and husband filmmaker Gris Grimly

The Reckoning Video is Live

The Heathen Apostles debut video ‘The Reckoning” is up and online, check it out and leave a comment on YouTube, “The Reckoning” will be on the upcoming album on Ratchet Blade Records. The video was directed by the band and features legendary photographer Edward Colver as the Demonic Preacher:

“The Reckoning” Video Shoot

Editing has begun for “The Reckoning”, the first video off of the debut Heathen Apostles LP (coming Summer 2013 on Ratchet Blade Records). The video features legendary photographer Edward Colver as a demonic preacher and was directed by the band. Check back for more info on the release date. Below are some screen captures of the raw footage.

Heathen Apostles - Mather Louth  Heathen Apostles - Chopper Franklin  Heathen Apostles - Thomas Lorioux Heathen Apostles - Mather & Ed