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Production Stills From “Death’s Head” Video

Here are some production stills from the upcoming Heathen Apostles music video “Death’s Head”, shot on location by Lawrence Drayton. Both the single and the video will be released on Friday the 13th of February on Ratchet Blade Records.

Death's Head still 1 Death's Head still 2 Death's Head still 3Death's Head still 4

Live Photos From Cafe NELA

Here are some photos from the January 24th show at Cafe NELA, they were taken by David Chi of Lucha Punk Gallery. Be sure and check out the next Heathen Apostles show March 28th at Bar Sinister in Hollywood , Ca. Click HERE for more info.


Cafe NELA 1-24c Cafe NELA 1-24dCafe NELA 1-24e

Photos From Bar Sinister Show

New photos from the Heathen Apostles’  August 9th Bar Sinister show have gone live on their site, here are some of them, be sure and check out the band at SBC Choppers in El Segundo on September 27th.

Bar Sinister 1 Bar Sinister 2 Bar Sinister 3 Bar Sinister 4

Photos From Club Tarantino Show

The show at Jonny Coffin’s Club Tarantino went really well, thanks to all who attended. Here are some photos taken that night by Esteban Cortina, see you all at the Bar Sinister show (w/ Jason Charles Miller of Godhead) tonight!

Mather at Tarantino Chopper at TarantinoLuis at TarantinoViktor at TarantinoThomas at Tarantino

Hippy Killer Hoedown Photos

The 6th Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown went really well, and the Heathen Apostles have been invited back to perform at next year’s event. They will be performing at another Hippy Killer event in June in San Diego, Ca., in the meantime here are some photos by Mila Reynaud from this year’s event.

The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-44 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-30 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-10 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-9 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-6 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-4 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-2 The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest

The Heathen Apostles Hippy Killer Fest-5

“Dark Was The Night” Behind The Scenes Photos

A gallery for the behind the scenes photos of the upcoming Dark Was The Night video has been uploaded, they feature photos by Riley Kern, Saryn Christina and George Anderson, among others. The video was directed by Victoria Vengeance and will be released in the upcoming days, check back for the debut date. You can view the gallery HERE.


“The Reckoning” Video Behind-the-Scenes Photos

You can now see behind-the-scenes photos of the Heathen Apostles debut video shoot for “The Reckoning”. It was shot at several locations in the greater Los Angeles area, and the photos are provided by Mila Reynaud and Thai Knight. Click HERE to go to the gallery.