Gothic Americana Music



Looks like the dust cloud is a comin’
Just over yonder where the sun goes down
The sky is giving a bad omen
Let’s pull up stakes and leave this town

Misfortune always seems to find us
Can’t rely on the government for relief
All that we knew we leave behind us
Try to get by by the skin of our teeth

Looks like the pendulum’s a swingin’
Days of wine and roses are long gone
Revelation’s bells are a-ringin’
Hear the sorrow in the nightbird’s song

Misfortune always sure to follow
Ain’t given any time to mourn our dead
Now it’s a bitter pill we swallow
Try to ready ourselves for the road ahead

How many letdowns do you need
To see the forest for the trees
Politicians only live to see
You bleeding, you bleeding
If you expect that you’ll be saved
You’ve dug yourself an early grave
They’ll laugh and blame you as they say
“Poor thing hit a bad patch”

See all the windows are a shuttered
The times ain’t never been this bad
Can’t lend a hand to my own brother
Folks are losing everything they had

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