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FIRE TO THE FUSE After the fire is to the fuse What’s left to do but wait? No truth will hide behind the ruse Presented as the bait After the thrill has left the chase What words would not sound trite? The passion turned so commonplace Once held up to the light CHORUS Void of […]

Review of “Fire to the Fuse” on Midnight Calling

A new review of the latest Heathen Apostles studio album Fire to the Fuse has been posted, read the teaser below then click on the link to read the entire review. Following up their excellent debut album Boot Hill Hymnal, Heathen Apostles draw their musical six guns, and stalk once more through haunted graveyards, dangerous […]

Great “Fire to the Fuse” Review on Alternate Root

   Heathen Apostles Fire to the Fuse – The Roots of Heathen Apostles has a dark current that roars through dense gothic tales surround by mountain music, back alley Jazz, murderous Americana, and bone-chilling Folk. The latest release from Heathen Apostles, Fire to the Fuse, lights the primeval blackness of the tales as it slowly […]

“Fire to the Fuse” Review On Viola Noir

  The second full-length release of Heathen Apostles is the hope for all gothic americana dark country and southern rock music. The bulk of it could be already well known to their audience by the singles and videos, but this fact didn’t make Fire to the Fuse less surprising.   Opening the release is the […]

“Fire to the Fuse” Streaming In It’s Entirety

The new Heathen Apostles album Fire to the Fuse is streaming from now until it’s release on Halloween on Ratchet Blade Records, check it out and if you dig it order the presale and have it before anyone else! Click HERE to listen.