Gothic Americana Music


Born of the voices of past lives and baptized in the dust bowl dirt, the Gothic Americana music of the Heathen Apostles harkens back to a bygone chapter of American history. Using contrasting influences such as Bauhaus, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Pogues along with Howlin’ Wolf, Loretta Lynn (the band covers her classic Fist City) and Bessie Smith, the Heathen Apostles have created a style of music that at once conjurs both angels and demons, and will enlighten a darkened soul.

Crossing paths at a gathering one Indian summer evening, femme fatale bellower Mather Louth (Radio Noir) and rock n roll veteran Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes) quickly uncovered a mutual appreciation for murder balladry, Americana, and memento mori. It was not long before a collaboration that sought to marry these interests in a sonic landscape, the Heathen Apostles, surfaced. The landscape was further tilled with the addition of Thomas Lorioux (The Kings of Nuthin’) on bass and Luis Mascaro on violin.

The constant output of songs and videos capture the essence of the Heathen Apostles modus operandi: Southern Gothic Americana imagery surrounded by haunting, minor-chord melodies, musical influences including Gothic Roots music, Bluegrass, Blues, and Gypsy Jazz, all deftly bound together by the band’s dark and sometimes brooding sense of a bygone age. Their debut album, 2013’s Boot Hill Hymnal, 2014’s Without A Trace EP, 2015’s Fool’s Gold, Fist City and Death’s Head singles, as well as their second album Fire to the Fuse have all been released on Ratchet Blade Records. The third Heathen Apostles album Requiem For A Remix (featuring remixes by Chopper Franklin, Almighty Watching and the Phantom of the Black Hills, as well as corresponding videos), the Misery and Gin EP (a tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard) and the single and video for Albatross came out in a busy 2016. 2017 brought out the Strange Flowers and the Bloodgrass Vol. I  EP, which is the first of a series of EPs in which the band plans to showcase their musical roots.

2018 saw the release of the second roots EP, Bloodgrass Vol. II (accompanied by the highly regarded Paint the Stars video [directed by Jorge Jaramillo]), followed closely by the fourth Heathen Apostles album Bloodgrass Vol. I & II (a vinyl and CD combination of the first two Bloodgrass EPs). A wildly successful European tour supported the album, and a music video for the infamous Death Came a Ridin’ single brought the band back into familiar Gothic Noir territory.  After the decidedly Gothic Americana Bloodgrass releases, the band put out the darkly gothic The Fall EP on Halloween of 2018, and it was named the Best EP of 2018 by Folk n Rock Magazine.

2019 brought release of the fifth Heathen Apostles album Dust To Dust, as well a second tour of Europe in support of it. A music video for Deadly Nightshade, the second single from the Bloodgrass Vol. I & II album was launched, with effects artist Jorge Jaramillo again at the helm. The rest of 2019 will bring more tour dates in support of Dust To Dust, as well as an upcoming blues-based EP.

Gothic Americana