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Bloodgrass Vol. 3 & 4 – New Gothic Western Collection Out Today

2020 was a year of loss, reflection, and reevaluation. Trying as the times were to have a trio of tour cancellations both stateside and abroad as the live music industry seemingly evaporated overnight, the Heathen Apostles did not let the unexpected gift of time go to waste. To the contrary, the band channeled the turbulent year’s events and its complex emotions into their music, and the result- BLOODGRASS VOL. 3 & 4– is a Gothic Western collection of songs at once timely as they are timeless.

Heathen Apostles - Gothic Western CollectionThe album opener “Bad Patch” uses the lyrical analogy of the 1930s Dust Bowl to express the collective desperation brought about by feeling at the mercy of the sort of devastation best described as an “act of God”. “Careful What You Pray For” touches upon the hypocrisy of self-righteous religious dogma and the damage it inevitably brings in its wake. “Black Hawk” moves the album in an introspective direction as Louth sings a tale of transformation by shedding the darkness in order to welcome in the light. As the title suggests, “Demi Monde” offers a return to the occult imagery the band has incorporated since its inception, while subtly paying homage to the fires of Beltane. “Tall Rider” closes the EP on a cathartically optimistic note, plaintively serving as a reminder of the possibility to heal through love.

Heathen Apostles - Gothic Western CollectionThe foot stomping single “Roots Run Deep” casts a lyrical spell in its own right, reminding the listener of the divine within. “Into The Wild” is a primal, incendiary runaway train filled with plenty of snarl and swagger. “Solitary” is an embrace of following one’s own path in life, no matter how lonely the road may seem at times. “No Peace” was written in response to the victims of countless cases of police brutality in recent history that have yet to receive justice for the crimes committed against them. “Shadow Of The Crows” offers an intriguing hybrid of several genres, mixing Middle Eastern and borderline psychedelic sounds with the band’s distinctly gloomy bloodgrass. You can check out this Gothic Western collection HERE.

Heathen Apostles – Southern Gothic Tour Update

Another Southern Gothic tour update: the dates for the Heathen Apostles’ May/June 2022 European tour are filling up, here’s an update so any cities and venues can book an open date while they are still available. Contact Kurt DeBont at Rootstown bookings by clicking HERE.

Heathen Apostles - Southern Gothic Tour

The COVID 19 crisis has kept the current tour dates in central Europe, but the band and their booking agency are looking to expand into surrounding countries. Here are the tour dates:

26/05/2022 Thursday – De Cactus, Henglo, NL
27/05/2022 Friday – De Pit, Terneuzen, NL
28/05/2022 Saturday – Paradox, Tilburg, NL
29/05/2022 Sunday – De Klinker Club, Aarschot, BE
30/05/2022 Monday – De Floeren Aap, Mechelen, BE
31/05/2022 Tuesday – available
01/06/2022 Wednesday – Franzis, Wetzlar, DE
02/06/2022 Thursday – Unordnungsamt, Kalbe, DE
03/06/2022 Friday – Extra Blues Bar, Bielefeld, DE
04/06/2022 Saturday – Alte Schlosserei, Wuppertal, DE
05/06/2022 Sunday – Wild at Heart, Berlin, DE
06/06/2022 Monday – Buchholz Saloon, Altlandsberg, DE
07/06/2022 Tuesday day off
08/06/2022 Wednesday – Oberstübchen, Regen, DE
09/06/2022 Thursday – City club, Augsburg, DE
10/06/2022 Friday – Alter, Mannheim, DE
11/06/2022 Saturday – Muziekcentrum Dranouter, Dranouter, BE
12/06/2022 Sunday – Deux Ours, Modave, BE
13/06/2022 Monday day off
14/06/2022 Tuesday – Missy Sippy, Ghent, BE
15/06/2022 Wednesday – Die Heile Welt, Munster, DE
16/06/2022 Thursday – Monkeys, Hamburg, DE
17/06/2022 Friday – Schule 2, Bremen, DE
18/06/2022 Saturday – Kufa Löseke, Hildesheim, DE
19/06/2022 Sunday – Lokaal 42, Helmond, NL
20/06/2022 Monday day off
21/06/2022 Tuesday – Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam, NL
22/06/2022 Wednesday – Pferdestall, Bremerhaven, DE
23/06/2022 Thursday – Mout – The Netherlands – Nijmegen, NL
24/06/2022 Friday – Rakete, Stuttgardt, DE
25/06/2022 Saturday – mySkylounge / 13th floor Kulturetage, Kempten, DE
26/06/2022 Sunday – Hafen 2, Offenbach A.M., DE

Heathen Apostles - Southern Gothic tour

Gothic Bluegrass Album Cover and Release Dates

The Heathen Apostles are proud to release the cover art for their upcoming 10 song gothic bluegrass album Bloodgrass Vol. 3 & 4 (on Ratchet Blade Records). The artwork was done by their good friend Stephanie Inagaki, who also did the cover art for the previous Bloodgrass Vol. 1 & 2 album and EPs.

The online release date for the album is Friday the 13th of May, and the international street date for brick and mortar is Friday June 3rd. The album will also be available from the band on their upcoming European tour, which starts May 26th in Henglo, The Netherlands.

Heathen Apostles - Gothic Bluegrass album

From the Heathen Apostles’ Bloodgrass Vol. 3 & 4 press release:
2020 was a year of loss, reflection, and reevaluation. Trying as the times were to have a trio of tour cancellations both stateside and abroad as the live music industry seemingly evaporated overnight, the Heathen Apostles did not let the unexpected gift of time go to waste. To the contrary, the band channeled the turbulent year’s events and its complex emotions into their music, and the result- BLOODGRASS VOL. 3&4- is a gothic bluegrass album of a collection of songs at once timely as they are timeless.

Track listing:

1. Bad Patch
2. Careful What You Pray For
3. Black Hawk
4. Demi Monde
5. Tall Rider
6. Roots Run Deep
7. Into the Wild
8. No Peace
9. Solitary
10. Shadow of the Crows

Heathen Apostles’ Original Gothic Western Music Video

Heathen Apostles - Original Gothic WesternOn this day in 2013 the Heathen Apostles released their original Gothic Western music video “The Reckoning”. It was directed by the band, and features Edward Colver as the Demonic Preacher. The Reckoning was the first single from their first album Boot Hill Hymnal, out in 2013 on Ratchet Blade Records. 

Heathen Apostles Original Gothic Western

From the Heathen Apostles’ social media: We released “The Reckoning”, our first music video, on this day in 2013. We had yet to play a show (the band was just @matherlouth , Chopper and Thomas) but we wanted to come out swinging so we went ahead and directed it ourselves. Our good friend @edwardcolver played the Demon Preacher, thanks to all involved in the filming and to Mike Livingston for playing on the song.

From the Boot Hill Hymnal 1 sheet:
“No one sings as purely as those who are in the deepest hell. Theirs is the
song which is confused with that of the angels.” Franz Kafka
Born of the voices of past lives and baptized in the dust bowl dirt, the
dark roots music of the HEATHEN APOSTLES harkens back to a
bygone chapter of American history while firmly keeping one foot
planted in the present-day city of Los Angeles.
One Indian summer evening, femme fatale bellower Mather Louth
(Radio Noir) and punk rock veteran Chopper Franklin (The Cramps,
Charley Horse), quickly uncovered a mutual appreciation for murder
balladry, original Gothic Western music, and memento mori. Soon, the HEATHEN
APOSTLES surfaced. The landscape was further tilled with the
addition of Thomas Lorioux (The Kings of Nuthin’) on the upright bass.
The Heathen’s debut release, Boot Hill Hymnal, seeks to answer a
question posed long ago by Blind Willie Johnson- just what is the soul of
a man? (…Or, as the case may be here, a woman with a thousand-yard
stare.) The resulting collection of songs is complex, catchy, and wholly
cohesive to the Apostles’ ghost town.

Gothic Artist Stephanie Inagaki Doing Bloodgrass Cover Art

The Heathen Apostles are again collaborating with gothic artist Stephanie Inagaki, she will do the cover art on the band’s upcoming album Bloodgrass Vol. 3 & 4 (out Friday the 13th of May on Ratchet Blade Records). Stephanie previously did the cover art for the first album in the series, Bloodgrass Vol. 1 & 2, as well as appear in a music video from that release Death Came a Ridin’ (directed by Ashley Von Helsing).

Heathen Apostles - Gothic Artist

Ver Mar, Stephanie Inagaki, Jonathan Cripple

Stephanie also makes fine art images and wearable art objects: portals to a realm of macabre fineries, Old World glamour, breathtaking mastery, rich symbolism, and deep wisdom. Meticulously crafted from sensuous and elemental mediums, each piece is made with love and tells a story of power and grace in the face of crisis, loss, and transformation. She is also the proprietress of Miyu Decay, meticulously and lovingly hand carves each design out of wax before going through the lost wax casting process.

Heathen Apostles - Gothic ArtistStephanie Inagaki‘s imagery is startling in its complex dualities. It manages to simultaneously contrast eroticism and violence, beauty and decay, life and death, all the while maintaining a harmonious and even sensuous balance of these themes. She brilliantly explores themes which are deeply personal to her by employing motifs that carry along the rich cultural traditions of her heritage and imbues them with her own meaning. Equally surrealistic and expressive, she mines her emotions and uses her body in order to create, in her own words, a “landscape where double self examinations occur through portraiture and self ruminations of the negative and positive…“

Deeply influenced by her continual studies in Middle Eastern dancing, Miyu Decay combines aesthetic elements from the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe, along with traditional Japanese designs.