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“Misery and Gin” Video Is Now Live

The video for the new Heathen Apostles’ EP “Misery and Gin” (their tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard) is now live, the release will be out July 22nd, 2016 on Ratchet Blade Records. The “Misery and Gin” music video is another one of their Victorian tales of the Gothic Wild West. 

Heathen Apostles’ “Misery and Gin” Teaser Video

The promo teaser shot with Lawrence Drayton for the upcoming Misery and Gin EP , The Heathen Apostles tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard, is now live. The EP is out July 22nd on Ratchet Blade Records, the full length music video will be out that week, and  the release show is on July 21st at the Viper Room, click HERE for tickets.

Promo Video Shoot For “Misery and Gin”

The Heathen Apostles shot the footage for an upcoming promo video short for their upcoming EP Misery and Gin. It was shot in 110 degree heat in Palmdale, Ca. by Lawrence Drayton and will be released shortly. The band will be shooting the full length music video beginning June 27th and the Misery and Gin EP will be released on July 22nd on Ratchet Blade Records. Check back for more details.

Mather M&G promo


“Murderer of Souls (Chopper Franklin remix)” Video Debuts Today

The new Heathen Apostles Murderer of Souls (Chopper Franklin remix) music video has dropped, it was directed by the band and shot by Harmony Gerber at Devil’s Doghouse Studios. As you can probably tell it was great fun for the band to shoot, it is the first video from the new Requiem For A Remix album (Ratchet Blade Records), you can sample it HERE. For viewers in Germany click HERE.

New “Murderer of Souls” Video Debuts Tomorrow

Here are all of the promo cards for the new Murderer of Souls (Chopper Franklin remix) music video that debuts tomorrow, April 29th. They feature the characters Mathulah the Temprtress, The Monster, Saalau the Witch and Black Sabbah the Assassin King. You can hear Murderer of Souls as well as other tracks from Requiem For A Remix HERE.

Mathulah cardThe Monster emailSaalua cardBlack Sabbah card

“Murderer Of Souls” Music Video Drops This Friday

The upcoming music video for Murderer of Souls (Chopper Franklin remix) [from the just-released Heathen Apostles Requiem For A Remix album] drops this Friday April 29th. The video was directed by the Heathen Apostles and shot by Harmony Gerber at the Devil’s Doghouse Studios, you can preview the song and the rest of the Requiem For A Remix album HERE.

Mathulah card

“Drowned In Trouble” Promo Video Live

Ratchet Blade Records has released a promo short of the song Drowned in Trouble from the 2015 Heathen Apostles album Fire To The Fuse. It was shot on location at the White Mountain Apache reservation in Eastern Arizona by Dakota Livesay. You can listen to the entire Fire To The Fuse album by clicking HERE.

“Murderer of Souls” Remix Video Wrapped

Shooting has wrapped for the upcoming music video for Murderer of Souls (Chopper Franklin remix) from the just-released Heathen Apostles Requiem For A Remix album. The video was directed by the Heathen Apostles and shot by Harmony Gerber at the Devil’s Doghouse Studios, and it is slated for a May 2016 release. You can preview Requiem For A Remix HERE.Murderer screenshot

Murderer BTS by Harmony

“Murderer of Souls” video BTS by Harmony Gerber

‘Requiem For A Remix’ Promo Video Live

The promo video for the new Heathen Apostles album “Requiem For A Remix” features sample clips from each song put to original music videos, outtakes and even a chronological photo gallery (with the band’s first live show ever at the end). You can view the presale HERE.


Mather Louth Appears on TradioV’s The Po Show

Mather Louth appeared on the TradioV’s Po Show (hosted by Polina Hryn) along with other guests Jessamyn Rose and Holly West. She was interviewed about the Heathen Apostles 2016 plans, along with questions relating to her costume designing and modeling. Click HERE to watch the episode (Mather’s interview comes in the second half if you need to skip through).

Mather Louth on TradioV 2Mather Louth on TradioV

“Drowned In Trouble” Promo Video Shoot Has Wrapped

The promo video shoot for the next Heathen Apostles single Drowned In Trouble has wrapped, it was shot on location at the White Mountain Apache reservation in Eastern Arizona by Dakota Livesay. Drowned In Trouble will be the second single and video from the Fire to the Fuse album, and the single’s release will be accompanied by a full length music video, check back for the release date. The photo below was shot on location during the shoot.


“Fist City” Video BTS Photos Are Up

A behind-the-scenes photo gallery for the new Fist City music video is up, it contains candid photos of the band, Lady Death (portrayed by Nayeli Morales) and special guests the Phantom of the Black Hills. Click HERE to view the gallery, and click HERE to watch the Fist City video, which was directed by the Heathen Apostles and shot by Harmony Gerber.

Lady Death & Mather lo

“Fist City” Video Debuts Today

The day has come for the debut of the new Heathen Apostles video for their version of Loretta Lynn’s Fist City! It was directed by the band and shot by Harmony Gerber and features a cameo by the notorious Phantom of the Black Hills (fellow Ratchet Blade Records labelmates). Fist City is the first music video from the upcoming album Fire to the Fuse, out this Saturday October 31st. You can preview Fire to the Fuse HERE.

Heathen Apostles Duo – Video Page

Mather and Chopper will be playing some special shows as a duo this Fall, they shot some videos to help promote them. Check them out HERE and if you are interested in booking them email them at

Heathen Apostles Duo – Without A Trace from Heathen Apostles on Vimeo.

Heathen Apostles & Jyrki 69 Promo Teaser

Here’s the promo teaser for the upcoming Heathen Apostles & Jyrki 69 EP Evil Spirits, the song used is After I’m Gone, it was produced by Chopper Franklin and will be out August 25th on Ratchet Blade Records.

“Fist City” Video Begins Shooting (Sneak Peak)

The Heathen Apostles have begun shooting for their upcoming single, Loretta Lynn’s Fist City. The video is directed by the band and they have signed on Harmony Gerber as director of photography. Nayeli Morales has also come on board, she will play Death in the video. The Fist City video will be released to support their next album, scheduled release date is Halloween, check back for more details.

On set photo by Harmony Gerber

On set photo by Harmony Gerber

“Fool’s Gold” Video & Single Are Live!

The music video for the new Heathen Apostles’ single Fool’s Gold is live, check it out, comment and share, and you can get the single at iTunes HERE, Amazon.mp3 HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

Fool’s Gold Video BTS Shots

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the Heathen Apostles video for the upcoming single Fool’s Gold (both the single and video are due 6/16/15 on Ratchet Blade Records), they were shot by the video’s director of photography Larry Drayton. Chopper is back from Europe (where he was touring with the 69 Cats) so post production and editing has begun. 

FG BTS FG BTS 2screenshot

“Fool’s Gold” Video Shoot Is A Wrap

The Heathen Apostles have wrapped the shoot for the video for the upcoming Fool’s Gold single (both single and video due June 26th on Ratchet Blade Records). A special thanks goes out to all that helped out on this project, Lawrence Drayton, Michael & Robbin at South Bay Customs, Nathan & Nicole of Paper Moon Vintage, Timbo Gruse (Speedbuggy), Brad Hayman (Switchblade 3), Daniel DeLeon (Resurex) and Alexia Petre. Set photo by Lawrence Drayton, look out for more behind-the-scenes shots and clips.

Mather black eyes

“Fool’s Gold” Video Continues Shooting

The Heathen Apostles continued shooting the music video for the upcoming Fool’s Gold single this past weekend at South Bay Customs in El Segundo, Ca. The live performance footage has been completed, special thanks goes out to Michael and Robbin at SBC, Daniel DeLeon (of Resurex) for shooting the footage and to our brother Timbo Gruse (of Speedbuggy) for manning the mandolin. Shooting continues this weekend on location in Highland Park with Lawrence Drayton behind the camera. Below are some stills from this weekend’s shoot.

Band pic frontal SBC 2015 lo

SBC screenshot 2

“Fool’s Gold” Promo Teaser Video Premiere

The teaser video for the upcoming Fool’s Gold single (on Ratchet Blade Records) has debuted, the 1930’s Depression era-themed shoot was shot and directed the band and is a precursor to the full length video that will accompany the single’s release. Share and comment on it and check back for more release details on Fool’s Gold.

More Stills From The “Death’s Head” Video Shoot

More production stills have emerged from the Death’s Head music video shoot, this time they were shot on location by Lee Sterling. Both the Death’s Head single and video are out now on Ratchet Blade Records, you can preview and buy the single HERE, and you can watch the video HERE.

IMG_20150111_142316315_sm IMG_20150111_142046922_sm IMG_20150111_150113919_sm IMG_20150111_152049339_sm IMG_20150111_142201346_sm


Great Review of the “Death’s Head” Video

Death's Head Cover FINAL 600A review of the new Heathen Apostles’ video for Death’s Head has been released on the Russian music blog ViolaNoir. Here is the English translation:

  A new music video and single has been released by probably the most prominent representatives of Gothic Americana at the moment  – the Heathen Apostles. In Death’s Head there is everything for their audience: a  blues mood, the occult, voodoo, a blatant and magnificent Gothic vibe and the powerful voice of Mather Louth.
  The video and single were released in conjunction with Friday the 13th, and it was also the day before Valentine’s Day, and the connection is not lost. Death’s Head tells the story of love, turning into hate, then hate turning into love, and it’s a tale of a stolen heart and also that sometimes even death do us part. The Heathen Apostles again create a stunning painting, visually there is nothing superfluous; the atmosphere and mood of the song go back and forth, even in the smallest details. Definitely one of the best videos lately.

Read the review (in Russian) HERE.

Watch the Death’s Head video HERE.

Heathen Apostles’ “Death’s Head” Single and Video Are Live

The new Heathen Apostles Death’s Head music video is live, it was directed by the band and Lawrence Drayton, check it out and help support the band by clicking HERE to preview and buy the song on iTunes and HERE to get it on Amazon::