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Mather Louth Interviewed By SD Voyager

Mather Louth InterviewedToday we’d like to introduce you to Mather Louth.

Mather, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist.
Well, you could say that I’ve never been satisfied with boxing myself into any one means of creation, and that mindset started at a very early age. As a young child, I was always singing, sewing, sculpting, drawing…whatever I could experiment with (as free time seemed to be unlimited then!) But, the constant nucleus in my life was always music. As I grew a little older, I caught the musical theater bug and began performing in both scholastic and community productions for the next decade or so. I did not follow the path of typical higher education and decided instead to study in New York at a prestigious performing arts school. Though I was invited back for a second year of study, it became crystal clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in music rather than theater, and so I moved to Los Angeles soon after. Over 14 years later…the rest is history, ha!

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do? Why? And what do you hope others will take away from your work?
First and foremost, I define myself as the singer and lyricist for my band Heathen Apostles. In my spare time, I do also sew, write, model for artists, and collaborate with photographer friends. But oftentimes, those creative projects are directly connected with the band’s output. Our music could best be described as what we call “bloodgrass” – sort of a blend of Southern Gothic imagery and storytelling set to a moody, dark bluegrass soundtrack. Thematically, our songs touch upon a lot of universal human experiences: love, loss, grief, betrayal, redemption, death, and spirituality. And because of my own personal history, there’s absolutely a sense of theater in what we do, particularly in the music videos that accompany our singles.

My favorite music is that which hits me on a very primal, subcutaneous level- it could be something in the singer’s voice, the atmosphere in the instrumentation, or the lyrical content (or, in the best cases, all of the above.) As a musician, I hope to evoke that sort of instinctive response within the Heathen Apostles listener. Music to heal, music to inspire, music to empathize, music as a cathartic release- in short, I want our listeners to *feel*, and, more than that, to feel understood. There have been so many occasions where I’ve only felt understood listening to a song that echoed what I was going through at the time. If the Heathen Apostles can accomplish that sense of empathetic connection to our listeners through our music, I feel we have accomplished a very worthy pursuit.

How can artists connect with other artists?
Quite honestly, I feel that loneliness can provide a great spark of inspiration to create some truly meaningful work as an artist. When I moved across the country to Los Angeles without having any family or real friends here to help ground me, I felt incredibly lonely (particularly during the first year.) All I had was my instruments and my recording equipment to keep me company in my new home, and oftentimes I would just stay in and compose and write lyrics. There is absolutely a sense of loneliness that bled into the work I did during that time, but it was honest. I remember even writing myself a sort of lullaby one night because I felt terribly alone.

Loneliness is part of the existence of the artist…part of the existence of being human, really. We all yearn to belong on a primal level, to feel understood, loved, and appreciated. To insist otherwise is to deny your humanity.

However, if the loneliness isn’t channeling itself into productive artwork, I find that there are definite perks towards using social media to connect with fellow artists in a way that wasn’t easily possible by prior generations. I’ve personally been able to build some incredible friendships with other creatives from all over the world thanks to social media. However, I would greatly recommend limiting time spent on those outlets, as they can easily leech your creativity and wholly distract you from your artistic work. Balance is key!

Do you have any events or exhibitions coming up? Where would one go to see more of your work? How can people support you and your artwork?
My personal website is, and the Heathen Apostles website is

You can read the entire Mather Louth interview on the SD Voyager website HERE.

“Paradise Lost” Wildfire Relief Song in Malibu Times

The Malibu Times has printed a piece helping to spread awareness about the release of the Heathen Apostles upcoming charity single “Paradise Lost” – all proceeds will go directly to the victims of last year’s California wildfires. The single will be released on Friday March 1st by Regime Media Group, check back for purchase and donate links. You can see the blurb in the Times by clicking HERE.

Heathen Apostles in Malibu Times

Heathen Apostles Confirmed For Sjockfest 2019

The Heathen Apostles have been confirmed for Sjockfest 2019 in Gierle, Belgium. Sjockfest is Belgium’s ‘Lollapalooza’ and the Heathens are excited to appear on Friday July 12th at 22:05 (10 pm) as main support to the Goddamn Gallows on the Titty Twister stage. Sjockfest 2019 is the 44th annual staging of the festival, it started in Gierle in 1976! Get your tickets for Sjockfest 2019 by clicking  HERE.

The Heathen Apostles appearance will culminate their Summer 2019 5-week European tour, there are still open dates, contact Kurt DeBont at Rootstown Bookings by clicking HERE.

Heathen Apostles European Tour 2019

Thursday 13 June – Substanz, Leipzig, Germany
Friday 14 June – Altes Spital, Viechtach, Germany
Saturday 15 June – Kulturetage Skylounge, Kempten, Germany
Sunday 16 June – Marina Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Monday 17 June – La Bazka, Tranqueville-Graux, France
Tuesday 18 June – Black Star, Paris, France
Wednesday 19 June – Bar Le Tigre, Sélestat, France
Thursday 20 June – Le brin de zinc, Barberaz, France
Friday 21 June – Fête la Musique, Nevers, France
Saturday 22 June – Picking Bones, Diest, Belgium
Sunday 23 June – MOUT Bierfestival, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Tuesday 25 June – 7er Club Mannheim Künstlergarderobe, Mannheim, Germany
Wednesday 26 June – Chemiefabrik – Dresden, Germany
Thursday 27 June – Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg, Germany
Friday 28 June – Extra Blues Bar, Bielefeld, Germany
Saturday 29 June – Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
Sunday 30 June – Landhaus Rickermann – Reckenfeld, Germany
Monday 01 July – Exit Inside, Lokeren, Belgium
Wednesday 03 July – Q, Marburg, Germany
Thursday 04 July – Gotthard Bar, Zurich, Switzerland
Friday 05 July – Rakete, Stuttgart, Germany
Saturday 06 July – Buitenlust Landhorst, Landhorst, Netherlands
Sunday 07 July – Lokaal 42 – Helmond, Netherlands
Friday 12 July – Sjockfest, Gierle, Belgium
Sunday 14 July 2- Meppel, Netherlands (afternoon show)
Da Kaaij – Nijmegen, Netherlands (evening show)

Heathen Apostles Added to Murderfolk Playlist

The Heathen Apostles have had three songs added to the Murderfolk playlist, it includes Amigo the Devil, Murder By Death and Shawn James (who the Heathens will opening for at the Anaheim HOB on March 24th, click HERE for tickets). Check it out, if this doesn’t give you an itchy trigger finger nothing will!


Heathen Apostles Murderfolk

Heathen Apostles With Shawn James Live at HOB Anaheim

The Heathen Apostles are pleased to announce that they will be main support for Shawn James live at House of Blues Anaheim on 3/24. Pre-sale tickets are available now- click HERE. Don’t miss this awesome show!

From Shawn James’ bio: “Take one listen to Shawn James’ music and you can hear his roots in the Mississippi delta by way of growing up on the fabled South Side of Chicago, his authentic, gutbucket blend of blues, folk, and soul music running the gamut of ecstatic joy and painful anguish.”

 Heathen Apostles & Shawn James live

Heathen Apostles on Death Roots Syndicate Compilation

Death Roots Syndicate compThe Heathen Apostles song “Death Came a-Ridin'” is on tenth installment of the Death Roots Syndicate compilation that has been released today. Death Roots Syndicate is a Free Digital Download label specializing in the promotion of Underground Music including but not limited to Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots Music. The compilation contains 36 songs and the artists also include James Hunnicutt, SS Web and Bobby Dickson. 
Download / Stream…
Internet Archive:

Folk N Rock Names Heathen Apostles’ “The Fall” EP Best of 2018

Folk N Rock has named the Heathen Apostles’ “The Fall” EP as the Best EP of 2018. Folk N Rock’s coverage includes Folk, Hard Rock, Roots, Punk, Metal, and more, with a special focus on artist that infuses various styles. Some of those include Celtic Punk, Folk Metal, Folk Rock, Symphonic, Medieval, and an endless list of other combinations. Here is the announcement on

Best EP: Heathen Apostles – The Fall

Heathen Apostles' "The Fall" EPWe’ve heard a lot of EP’s in 2018, but the one that really made us do a double take, followed up with an endless amount of takes, was the EP from Gothic Americana band Heathen Apostles, in the release “The Fall.” The dark and haunting tones sets a mood that suits the lyrics and while s display an inner sense of melancholia, it is far from being sad and depressive music. It’s a release that you need to check out, and if you’re not already familiar with their band, you’ll also want to be taking a look at their entire discography.

You can preview and purchase The Fall EP HERE, and you can see this and the rest of the Best of 2018 on Folk N Rock by clicking HERE.