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“Before You Go” Video Shoot Wrapped

The band has wrapped the Before You Go video shoot with director Billy Clift, here is a still from the set, expect more shots and a release date soon.

Before You Go video still

Video Shoot For “Before You Go” In Pre-Production

The Heathen Apostles are in pre-production for Before You Go, the debut video from the Without A Trace EP. Directing the video will be Billy Clift, who has previously worked with the band on a promo video for their previous release, 2013’s Boot Hill Hymal. You can see more of Billy’s work HERE. The video should be ready for a Summer debut.
Boot Hill Hymnal Promo Video

Obscure Lounge April 9th Show Cancelled

For reasons beyond the band’s control the April 9th show at the Obscure Lounge has been cancelled. The next show is the Hippy Killer Hoedown in Winchester, Ca. on Saturday April 12th. An announcement about the festival will come shortly.


Heathen Apostles Appearance on KXLU Streaming Now

In case you missed the Ash Wednesday appearance of the Heathen Apostles on 88.9 KXLU you can now listen to it in it’s entirety. They play a short set then talk to hosts Robert Douglas and Hilary Russel about the formation of the band, their first album Boot Hill Hymnal and the recording of the new Without A Trace EP. Click HERE to listen, it will begin playing automatically.

Mather on KXLU

The ‘Without A Trace’ EP Is Out Now!

The Heathen Apostles are proud to announce their Without A Trace EP is finally released, you can purchase it through iTunes, Amazon.mp3 and any other digital outlet. It is also available with a snazzy download card, you can purchase it HERE, makes a great gift!

DL card

The “Without A Trace” EP Is Streaming Now

The Without A Trace EP  will be previewing it in it’s entirety on March 3rd & 4th until it’s release on March 5th, when it can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon.mp3 etc. There will also be download cards available for purchase, makes a great gift! Click HERE to listen.


Live on 88.9 KXLU March 5th at Midnight

The Heathen Apostles will be appearing on 88.9 KXLU’s Livation show on Wednesday March 5th at midnight. They will be playing live and will debut the songs from their new Without A Trace EP which is being released that day. For those outside of the Los Angeles area the show can be streamed online HERE.


‘Without A Trace’ EP Cover Art Revealed

The cover art for the new Heathen Apostles 3 song Without A Trace EP  has been released, it features a photo of the band by Dina Douglass and a layout by Mather Louth. The EP will be available on March 5th (Ash Wednesday) for digital download as well as via a Limited Edition download card, only available in the Heathen Apostles webstore and at their live shows.



More BTS Shots From Dark Was The Night Video Shoot

More behind-the-scenes photos have been added to the Dark Was the Night Gallery, click HERE to view. A new, enhanced audio version of the video has been released, click HERE to watch.



Heathen Apostles Live on KXLU 88.9

The Heathen Apostles will be appearing live on Friday December 6th at 11 pm on Stella’s Stray Pop radio show on 88.9 KXLU. You can call in and talk to the band and make requests at 310-338-5958, and those outside of the Los Angeles area can listen online at this link: KXLU live.

kxlu logo    Stella


Heathen Apostles Tracking New EP

The band has begun tracking their next record, an 3 song EP due February 2014 on Ratchet Blade Records. This will be the follow up to 2013’s Boot Hill Hymnal, check back for more info on this and other upcoming releases.

Heathen Apostles in the studio

Drummer Stevyn Grey Joins the Heathen Apostles

The band would like to welcome their newest member Stevyn Grey on drums. Stevyn has played in Christian Death (w/ Rozz Williams) and 45 Grave, among others. His debut show will be Halloween night at the 3 Clubs in Hollywood. Check Live dates for more info.

Stevyn Grey

Stevyn Grey

Heathen Apostles on Instagram

Check in with and follow the Heathen Apostles @heathenapostles or visit them on their new Instagram page where you’ll see candid photos and videos from their live shows, video shoots and recording sessions. Be sure and tag and share any Heathen activity you’re a part of, whether it’s at a show, record store or witches coven! Here’s the link:

Heathen Apostles Instagram

Heathen Apostles on Instagram

Mather Featured in the Upcoming deVour Magazine

Mather will be featured in the upcoming issue of deVour Magazine, they have uploaded a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.

“Boot Hill Hymnal” Cds Are Here!

The Boot Hill Hymnal CDs have arrived at Ratchet Blade Records and they look great! The Pre-Sale offer ends Monday September 9th, at $7.99 you’ll get $4 off the retail price and have your CD autographed by the band! They ship on the 10th so you’ll also get your copy days before everyone else. Click HERE for more info.
Boot Hill Hymnal CD 1 IMG_0270

Heathen Apostles “Boot Hill Hymnal’ Pre-Sale

The Boot Hill Hymnal pre-sale launches today, order now and get an autographed cd for $4 off the SRP and early shipping! For more info click HERE.


“Boot Hill Hymnal” Now On iTunes, Amazon.mp3

You can now get a digital copy of Boot Hill Hymnal from iTunes and Amazon.mp3, click the links below to preview and download your copy today. The cd will be available here on Friday the 13th of September.


Amazon.mp3 ($1 less)


New Album “Boot Hill Hymnal” Out Friday the 13th of September

It’s just been announced the new Heathen Apostles album Boot Hill Hymnal will be available online on Friday the 13th of September, here’s the post from the Ratchet Blade Records website:

The new Heathen Apostles album Boot Hill Hymnal will be out in stores worldwide through Nail/Allegro distribution on November 12th but it will be available online here and at on Friday the 13th of September. You can preview it HERE, and below is the cover and track listing:


1. Red Brick Dust
2. Dark Was The Night
3. Forget-Me-Not
4. Never Forever
5. The Reckoning
6. The Dark Pines
7. It All Came Down
8. Murderer of Souls
9. Darkness of Dawn
10. Lonesome Whistle

Final Editing On “Dark Was The Night” Music Video

The editing continues on the Heathen Apostles’ second music video from they’re upcoming album, Laura Creecy (editor), Victoria Vengeance (director) are seen here doing cuts on “Dark Was The Night”, expect an October debut for it, check back here for more information.


Album Cover Photo Session With Allan Barnes

Mather, Chopper and Thomas did an amazing photo session with the great Los Angeles photographer Allan Barnes for the upcoming Heathen Apostles album cover. Allan works with authentic tintype plates  and always gets outstanding results. The album title and cover will be released shortly, meanwhile here is a sneak peak, and you can see more of Allan’s work HERE.
Heathen Apostles triptych

Second Heathen Apostles Show In the Books…

… next up opening for the legendary Blasters at the Redwood Bar!
The show at the Down & Out on June 30th went great, the Heathen Apostles will now play with the Blasters and Savage Gospel (featuring Brian Waters of Flash Express) on Saturday July 20th at the Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles. Check Live dates for advance ticket sales, this show will sell out!


“Dark Was The Night” Video Shoot Begins June 17th

The Victoria Vengeance-directed video shoot for the Heathen Apostles’ “Dark Was The Night” begins shooting tomorrow, it features George Anderson, Nickie Jean, Frankie Sin, Kelly Devoto and Jamie Watkins among others. Here are some of the costume designs, conceptualized by Victoria and drawn by her husband film director Gris Grimly.
Witches DrawingsMather Drawings

The Blasters & the Heathen Apostles at the Redwood Bar!

It has just been announced that Saturday July 20th the Heathen Apostles will be playing with the Blasters  at the Redwood Bar in Downtown Los Angeles! This will also be the unofficial birthday gig for Mather (all she wants as a gift is for you to be there – and maybe a shot of Whistle Pig!) so come on down, and get there early, this show will sell out! Also appearing is the incendiary rockin’ blues duo Savage Gospel (feat. Brian Waters of Flash Express).  See LIVE DATES for more info, get advance tickets HERE, this show will sell out!

blasters-pressHeathen Apostles Wet Plate 72


Heathen Apostles – The First Taste is FREE!

The Heathen Apostles will be playing their debut show at the Redwood Bar in Downtown Los Angeles on Thursday June 20th. They will be playing at 9 pm sharp so get there early and experience live what you’ve only watched, heard and hallucinated about up to now! Also on the bill is Dave Gleason, click HERE for more info.

Mather Louth Bathtub